Opening up to a new life...  

Welcome to Wallingford House!


Wallingford House is a place for people with mental illness to come and rebuild their lives. It is designed as a recovery community for individuals who have been socially and vocationally isolated by mental illness. The program hopes to offer members the chance to develop self-esteem, self-worth, confidence and a sense of purpose while building foundations to achieve other goals, such as employment and education.

This unique program is based on a “Clubhouse” model that is used in over twenty-three countries across the world. In a Clubhouse, you are called a member, not a patient or a client, and the focus is on your strengths and goals—not on your mental illness. Work in the Clubhouse consists of an array of choices: whether it is working in the kitchen, greeting people at the receptionist desk, inputting data in the business unit or doing outreach to a member that we have not seen for a while. This work will provide needed healing on the road to rehabilitation.

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